Recommended Dosage of Cialis and Precautions to take.

Taking the incorrect dose of a medication can be very harmful to you and your health. Admittedly, there are some over the counter medications such as pain killers and flu medication, which you do unintentionally take two of instead of one, you will not cause yourself much harm except for being incredibly sleepy and lethargic. However, with medications sold with a prescription which are for specific purposes and side effects, there is need for there to be some caution exercised. Cialis is considered among the medications that are sold with a prescription and which needs to be taken with caution according to the guidance of your doctor.

What is the recommended dose of Cialis?

Whenever you begin a treatment, for the most minor of viruses to the most fatal of diseases, it is imperative the you initially research and study about that treatment so that you are well aware of all aspects of it. Doing this is not just a step to make yourself informed about the matter in general, but it also makes you aware of its positive and negative outcomes for which you can prepare yourself rather than being surprised at the occurrence of either those.

For Cialis, the correct dose and the recommended dose is one tablet per day, no more or less. The strength of this tablet will be specified by your doctor as per your condition. The important thing here is that you track the time at which you took your daily pill, if that is how regularly you intend to take it, and then make sure that you take the next dose exactly twenty-four hours after that. If you are fretful and have forgotten to take one dose of the medicine or simply skipped a day in between, do not attempt to make up for the missed day; simply take one tablet for that day when you are going to be indulging in sexual intercourse.

With Cialis, you need not, however, worry about a specific time to eat the medication at before having intercourse. You can have it at any time of night and day, with or without any kind of meal, and then proceed to be sexually active at any time during the course of the next twenty-four hours. You must take care though to not consume Cialis with alcohol, that is the one caution to definitely keep in mind.

Precautions to take with the treatment of ED with Cialis

One of the good things about the treatment of erectile dysfunction is that you do not have to stick to a very strict schedule of taking medications and setting up appointments with your doctor; the pace is set by you and your sexual needs, as well as your partner’s.

Nonetheless, Cialis is known for incurring three major kinds of side effects in some patients once in a while. These side effects include varying degrees of heavy breathing, a flushed complexion and noticeable dizziness. If you find yourself experiencing an exaggerated degree of these side effects, then you would be well advised to seek immediate medical attention.

Additionally, your doctor will warn you against having this medication if you have certain medical conditions. For instance, if you have blood pressure issues you will be allowed to have Cialis, but you will be advised to very strictly not take at the same time as your blood pressure medication. However, if you have a heart condition, or you have suffered from a heart attack recently, or if you have liver disease, then you might be told to not have Cialis at all.


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